Engineering production


The company KOS offers the production of special gauges, weldments (including stainless steel), machining of castings and forgings, production of bushings and pins, or laser cutting up to 16 mm thick.

Special gauges

The company is engaged in the production of special gauges for railway industry.

Stainless steel weldments

Welding of sub-assemblies for railway cars from stainless steel by MAG and TIG method for modernization and construction of new railway cars 


We can offer production of weldments as per customer´s requirements. We are holders of several certificates for welding process.

Machining of castings and forgings

Our company provides machining of castings and forgings, including pressing of bushings or hardening of holes for railway car boggies and brake systems of all types.

Pins and bushing

We offer production of pins and bushing including induction hardening.