Workmanship and craft still managed in Krnovske opravny a strojirny

12.6.2009 After 10 month of hard work we have renovated a historic landmark of Czech Republic for DP Olomouc- two-axle motor tramway produced in Ringhofferovy zavody Praha in 1930.

This renovated tramway will be the main attraction of the 110th anniversary of UMT in Olomouc on June 19th and 20th, 2009. The revision finding of all parts were provided during the self vehicle renovation. Based on that it was decided about the way of repair and renovation of particular parts and components incl. production of new parts. The vehicle was assembled, set up and brightened mechanically and electrically after several months of professional works of many careers and also tested in test room of Krnovske opravny a strojirny.