Special gauges

Special gauge equipments for railway vehicles

The company is engaged in the production of special gauges for railway vehicles. The most common produced gauges:

• Driving profile gauge UIC-ORE- designation Kr-P477
- profile metering UIC-ORE with full flange and with reduction by 2, 5, 10, 15 mm, thickness, height and steepness of flange, thickness of tyre measuring; 0,5 kg

• QR gauge- designation ORE C70/PR1
- for fast and simple inspection of profile UIC-ORE flanges steepness; 0,1 kg

• Snap gauge for outer diameters- designation ČD 29 7720
- for outer tyre and wheel diameter metering, wheelset diameter on interface circle; 5kg

• Bar gauge for track- designation ČD 29 7722
- for wheel gauge metering for wheel track 1335-1370, wheelset gauge 1435 mm; 1,3 kg

• Digital slide gauge for transfer of width rims, wheels and tyres- designation ČD 29 7718
- admeasure of width rims or wheelset tyres,  range 20-150 mm; 0,3 kg

There can be produced even different gauges based on the drawing documentation after agreement and  price offer.