Repairs of wagons

Company Krnovské opravny a strojírny s. r. o. repairs  two-axle and four-axle freight wagons of regular and special construction, design. We provide ca 800-1000 repairs of wagons yearly including wagon acceptance and Certificate of comformity keeping with the type according to customer demands and in compliance with the regulations of particular classifiable railway and RIV, UIC, ECM, CSN and EN regulations.

Freight wagons repairs are established programme of our company and thus, we offer:

  • repairs of all vehicle types except of well wagons
  • optimal proportion of quality/ repair price
  • reliability, flexibility and short repair deadline
  • repair authorization for  ČD, ZSSK and DB RAILION
  • above standard surface treatments incl. logo
  • interior checks (revisions) and pressure tests of tank wagons and tank cars for the transporatation of dangerous substances and substances acc. to RID regulation.

Important customers:

  • Advanced World Transport a.s.                     
  • Českomoravský cement,a.s.                               
  • EEWS spol. s r.o.                                              
  • Ermewa SA,                                                      
  • Kotouč Štramberk spol. s r.o.                             
  • Lovochemie a.s.                                           
  • Transportservis a.s.                                                 
  • Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s.