Pins and bushes incl. inductive hardening

The centralized production of pins and bushes was established in Krnov incl. inductive hardening of materials 12.050 (C45) a 12.060 (C55) in 1985 in terms of all ex-railway repair workshops and machine-works in Czechoslovakia.

Due to continuing raising of productivity and service quality the company purchased in 1999 a mid-frequency CNC hardening machine which provides and assures equability and required through-hardening depth of our products that we supply.

The required parameters of hardening are tested regularly at each production batch in the metallographic site.
Approx. 1 mil. of those parts is produced a year.

Important customers:

  • Tatravagónka a. s. Poprad
  • LEGIOS a. s. Louny
  • MSV Metal Studénka, a. s.
  • GOŠA FŠV Serbien
  • EKK WAGON OSTROW Wielkopolski
  • Societe nationale des chemins de fer Belges